Welcome Business Travelers to a Valencia Group hotel

“Norm!” or as we like to say “Welcome Business Travelers”!

Back in the 80’s and 90’s there was a popular sitcom called Cheers and every time one of the most popular characters came in, all of the patrons would shout his name, “Norm”. It was very warm and made Norm (and all of us watching the show) feel instantly welcome. There are many bars he could have gone to but he always chose the one called Cheers because he always felt so welcome and like he was “home.” We know there are many hotels that our business travelers could choose from but we are always glad when you choose a Valencia Group hotel as we work hard to make you feel welcome.

This month, I am going to tell you what we do for you, our business travelers; but first, we must understand this travel segment. Business travelers range from those that travel 1-2 times a year to every week out of the year. They range from age groups extending from the baby boomers all the way to the millennials. So how do we care for such a large variety of an audience? Are they looking for a massive flat screen TV? A romantic view? Or simply yelling their name as they walk into the Hotel suffice?!

We strive hard to understand how to care for you, our business traveler. We have determined your wants and needs by simply asking the right questions. Here are some of the most important items we have found over the years that our travelers want in their hotel:

  • Free unlimited WIFI and FAST – we have found it is one thing to have free WIFI but if it doesn’t match what they have at home, then it doesn’t help them.
  • Good Reviews – we understand when you book a hotel, you want to know that your business travel colleagues out there also prefer the property where you are staying. This is why you will see all of our hotels in the top 15 of their markets on TripAdvisor.
  • A Unique Destination – all of our hotels are built in mixed use developments giving the traveler many options for evening entertainment just footsteps away. All of the locations provide access to the lifestyle our guests are accustomed to with interesting places to eat that will suit any palate.
  • Secure Lobby and Key activated elevators – rest well knowing that all of our properties have safety in the highest regards with either key operated elevators or perimeters and a secure lobby all to benefit you, our guest.
  • Ease of use – all our hotels have a restaurant, a bar and meeting rooms all on property so you never have to leave the property – unless you want to, of course!
  • Brand Consistency – we have found you want consistency and when you check in, that we know who you are and regardless of which of our hotels you choose – you are known in our system. We have established a Rewards & Loyalty program, called VVIP, that has gone beyond typical hotel points programs that customizes not only a personal amenity in your room but also information to help us understand you.
  • A place to call Home – lastly (and perhaps most importantly), we have found that you want a place to call home away home. Our award winning design team carefully selected our furnishings and great effort went into our pillow, linen selections and bath amenities. We have even gone so far to have a signature scent in each one of our hotels that our uniquely ours. We will provide you with all of the above and are honored you choose Valencia Group hotels as your “home away from home” when you travel….just like “Norm” from Cheers.

We know when our business travelers are choosing a hotel, choices can be overwhelming. We want to help you simplify your life, by making your decision easy as possible – choose one of our stunning hotels in the Valencia Group portfolio and save your energy for the other big decisions you have to make every day. I am constantly learning myself and try to take as much time as possible to talk to YOU and find out how you are doing, how we can improve, and how we can continue to be your hotel(s) of choice.

Find out more about choosing a Valencia Group hotel for your business travel.