Staying in Shape while you are Traveling

Staying in shape while you on the road is sometimes next to impossible!   With all of the meals we are eating out, all day meetings, catching up on work from your home office and then taking clients out to late night events, it’s no wonder we tend to not make time for ourselves for health and exercise.

Making time for yourself is not only vital for your physical health but it is vital for your mental health as well.  I struggle with this myself especially when you tend to choose to getting to bed a little earlier or waking up a little later instead of hitting the hotel gym.   Sometimes there is nothing more boring than getting up, sliding on your workout clothes, looking less than desirable I might add, and then walking to the gym with little or no plan in mind.  Usually we all are simply hoping not to see anyone we know and then the workout tends to be a 20 minute walk/jog on the “dreadmill”.    BOOOORRRINNNGGG!!

This is not healthy for us mentally or physically and it only robbed us of 20 more minutes of sleep and we don’t feel any more fit!  Taking charge of yourself to stay in healthy mental and physical shape takes a plan.  Just a plan to know what we are doing daily to stay fit.  We have a plan at work, why not have a plan for your own health!  This is the MOST important plan you have during the day as a healthy you will be a happier and more productive YOU!

So – what to do?…I am going to outline below what works for me while on the road.  This is my basic  “work-out” that keeps me staying healthy while I’m on the road:

  • I set a time for my health and try to be consistent daily (say 6 am) and set a time to be done by – say 6:30 am
  • I decide what I am going to do before I arrive (if I’m  going to the Hotel Gym) which is totally not necessary.
  • If at the Gym – I try to mix in a little cardio and some strength exercises such as weights.  With the cardio – I mix up the cardio by going faster for a minute and the slower for a minute and alternate it to mix up my heart rates;  With my weight training – I choose smaller weights and always push for high repetitions
  • If I stay in the Hotel room – I like pushups, sit-ups and air squats (standing straight with your feet shoulder length apart and going down parallel to the floor and back up for 1);  Cardio, I can simply run in place and by mixing it up with running faster for a minute or two or taking a walk/jog around the property.

So to stay healthy – make a plan and make time for yourself!!!