The Kitchen and Baking are my Yoga

BAKING – Why bother when there are so many wonderful options of sweet treats on almost every corner from cupcakes to ice cream to yogurts to cookies and donuts?

Baking is a sacred thing.  It is the satisfaction of creating something wonderful from a few ingredients that you know are fresh with little or no preservatives.  It takes me on a journey and reminds me of loved ones and often the different smells take me back to summers and holidays filled with friends and family.

Relaxing.  The kitchen is the place for my peaceful form of “Yoga” – Baking allows me the opportunity to be creative without policies or procedures and to work at my own pace without deadlines and time management. There is not an “in box” or a “send key’ and the only “ding” is that of the kitchen timer.

Satisfaction.  I like when people enjoy what I bake.  The feedback can be absorbed or simply ignored.

Creative or not to be creative – I choose to bake simple.  I do not find 5,000 ingredients relaxing. I would much rather mix up a patch of chocolate chip cookies that remind me of summer vacations with family and friends than a dessert that took me four hours to create.

Pro-Baking or Non-Baking is a definite personal choice and if it is something that you would like to try, then give this recipe a spin, and I promise you will not be disappointed.  As you will notice I kept the recipe in the original form that I received from my Aunt as the handwriting and index cards are a part of the memories that I spoke about above.

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