Valencia Group asks Guests to give the shirt off your back

I believe I can safely assume that the majority of us both male & female have had a job interview scheduled and thought “I need something new and appropriate for the interview”.  Some are able to do just that but others are not.  This summer Valencia Group is partnering with Dress for Success and Career Gear.  Participating Valencia hotels are asking their guests to leave behind business attire, both men & women’s clothing that they will launder and then donate to these charitable causes.

For young, middle age and even the older job seeking professionals, dressing appropriately for and interview and for each of your many days after you have landed your dream job can be just as important as showing up on time.  With a professional wardrobe, the young, middle aged and older workforce generations can help battle negative stereotypes associated with Generations X and Y and show the higher-ups that you’re serious about your job. “You want to let people know that, despite your age and or financial status, you care about your job and take it seriously”.

What to give?  If you are fortunate enough to give to such a great cause we often find ourselves wondering what is appropriate to give or even worse “I love this, how can I ever part with this”?  The answer is simple, giving something that is special or is dear to you makes the giving even more special!  To ensure that an article of clothing or suit is appropriate to donate, ask yourself if you would feel comfortable wearing it on an interview.  If the answer is yes, then by all means donate it.

Participating Valencia Group Hotels will begin to collect article of clothing starting on June 1 – August 31, 2016.  Won’t you please join us by committing to each day in the Month of May to pick one piece to donate from your closet to Dress for Success?  Drop it at your favorite Valencia Group Hotel and we will make sure it is cleaned and delivered so that everyone is given a chance to FEEL REALLY BEAUTIFUL!!