Valencia Group Hotels Celebrate Culinary Arts Month

Valencia Group is celebrating July Culinary Arts Month by focusing on small plates in all of our restaurants where you will find a Valencia Group hotel in San Antonio, TXSan Jose, CA or Houston, TX.

Tapas began as something as simple as a piece of bread.  The piece of bread was used to cover glasses of sherry.  This was a solution to keep flies out of the drinks of Spanish bar patrons.  Since it’s meager beginnings,  tapas have evolved to some of the finest and most elaborate dishes served throughout Spain.  Tapas are also part of keeping customers from just filling their stomachs with alcohol.  Spaniards move from bar to bar drinking and eating tapas as part of the social way of life.  Tapas are not meant to be a full meal in Spain.  They are usually eaten between the time of getting off work and sitting down for dinner.  Tapas can be served on a piece of bread (traditional), on a skewer, in a cazuela, on a plate, or even in a glass.   Tapas can include fish, shellfish, chorizo, local vegetables, olives, and the list goes on and on.

In the Citrus Restaurant kitchen in San Jose, CA,  we have created three dishes to be served tapas “style”.  During the month of July, we will be serving three tapas for $30.  Our dishes will represent California with local sustainable produce and seafood.  The three dishes we have created have origins in Italy, Vietnam, and of course, Spain.  We hope to bring the joy of eating Spanish dishes to a more global landscape. Please join us during Culinary Arts Month and enjoy our creative global tapas dishes.

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