Valencia Group hotels Indulge the Senses

From the time, Valencia Group hotels started over 10 years, we have long believed in ‘indulging the senses’. Our managers in all of our locations work very hard to enhance the hotel experience through sight and sound with the amazing architecture and design in our hotels fulfilling the sight sense and the sounds of music, water features, and fire crackling to satisfy sound. Naturally, the sense of taste is accommodated through our culinary experience with local and sustainable food items in our award-winning restaurants and the best in mixology in our bars.   Although the smell of food wafting through the hotel would satisfy the sense of smell, Valencia Group wanted to create brand signature scents that our guests could identify. One of those smells that gives you the ‘a-ha’ moment of; that smell reminds me of a Sorella, a Valencia, or a court. Our goal was to create a deeper connection with our hotels and each of our brands.

Valencia Group hotels partnered with Soular Therapy to start the creation of brand scents and/or scent marketing as it is commonly referred. After learning how to smell these amazing oils (and separating smell after smell through a whiff of coffee beans), we finally agreed on 3 scents; one for the 2 Valencia’s, one for the 2 Sorella’s, and one to represent Lone Star Court and future court concepts.   The names are Linobello for Sorella which as a lemon essence, Mediterranean breeze influence. The second scent for the Valencia’s is Sevilla which is indicative of citrus trees, sweet nectar and orange blossom. And lastly for the courts; we decided on the name 1952 representing the good years of the ‘motor court’ concepts. This scent is more leathery, outdoor, ranch-like and very southern.

Operationally in our hotels, we started with sprays to enhance our lobbies and guest rooms. Quickly, our Hotel Sorella CITYCENTRE in Houston started using diffusers in the lobby restrooms. And lastly and our most popular are our candles that we burn at our front desk and lobby areas. Not surprisingly, our guests have started to ask to purchase these to burn in their own homes. And that request to purchase and bring home a little of a Valencia Group boutique hotel to your own home is what we call success!