What do people leave behind when they travel?

What do people leave behind when they travel away from home? People travel for many different reasons that take them away from their normal routines and life. Traveling for work or family are usually the main reasons, but travel can be due to an emergency or just for the adventure of it. No matter the reason, people leave behind something, both physically and emotionally. Sometimes, it is not easy to travel to a new city and stay at a new place. It is hard to get comfortable and even harder not to worry or stress about traveling.  Take those stresses and add the worry of leaving behind your home, family, pets, and valuables. So why do it? Traveling is fun and it allows you to experience new and exciting things, cultures, foods, and places. It allows you to have an adventure, to escape the daily routine and the stress of work, it allows you to see friends and family and keep or build bonds with those you love. Whatever the reason, people leave behind something.

With this in mind, we try to make our guests feel comfortable and add to their experience of travel.  We take some of the worry and stress away, allowing our guests to have fun and feel safe. The distinctive design of each Valencia Group hotel gives something unexpected and new while providing the luxuries of high-end amenities and services. When our guests depart, we want them to leave behind a great experience and take home memories. Just be sure not to leave behind your phone chargers.  Double check all the electrical outlets.  But if you do leave something behind, just give us a call.